Saturday, February 09, 2013

Storm Nemo Aftermath

First the great news...we still have power!!!
We were all praying so hard that we wouldn't lose it.  I kept waking up all through the night and hearing my sound machine--so I knew we still had power.

I did get to see a bit of snow lightening last night--although didn't hear the thunder that some heard.  Pretty cool.
The wind was howling all night long--amazing.  We had documented 76 MPH winds.  I could hear the trees creaking and I held my breath as the power flickered now and then, but never went out.  Thank you, God!

We woke up to a winter wonderland this morning.  It was so beautiful and AMAZING.  I'm told we officially got 22 inches. 

Since we have power....all that is left is F.U.N!!!
Except for Jeff and Taylor--they had to dig us out.
The kids played and I took photos.

So without further are the images from this morning.

They are all rested up now and pulling their snow stuff out of the dryer for round two.  I think I'll follow and join the fun.
I love a good blizzard!
I just have tiny bit of sadness that New England is so efficient at clearing it.  When I was a kid, if we had gotten en epic storm like this, we would have been snowed in for 4 days.
It looks like our roads are pretty clear already.  We have a driving ban until 4PM and after that, I am guessing there will be a lot of people out trying to see the piles of snow.
We should have been able to milk this for at least 3 days! HA!


Jo's Corner said...

These photos are gorgeous! I love the ones with the kids kind of centered with the snow white background. I can see them each on canvas, hanging in a gallery type grouping. It looks like everyone is enjoying the storm. Hope you have lots of marshmallows and hot cocoa! Now, go out and make a Snow Angel! : )

Kim K. said...

I'm so glad you never lost power. That's ALOT of snow. Gorgeous pics. Absolutely gorgeous.

sara said...

I am SO glad you still have power. That was my prayer for you!! The pictures are so fun....I love the one of Jake with snow on his eye lashes!

Kristin Ferguson said...

You're killing me here with all of that glorious snow! What a wonderful early birthday present for you! I don't have your e-mail anymore so I have to wish you Happy Birthday a day early here on your blog! In our house, the teacher gets a day off on her birthday so perhaps you might consider that a "gift" to yourself tomorrow? (Did your kids figure out yet that that is one of the down sides of homeschooling--having to do school even when it snows!)

Janet said...

My kids are jelous--I am not;)
Do many people up there have whole house generators, or are the power outages pretty rare?