Thursday, August 30, 2012

Family Portrait

Last Christmas we rounded up my entire family to attempt a family portrait.
For December, it was reasonably warm-ish.
But not warm enough.
And the trees had no leaves.
And we could only take the photo at high noon--the worst possible time of day for lighting.
And so we ended up with....

The other night we tried again.
It was no small feat.
And it ended quite abruptly with some bee stings.

But before that dreadful occurrence, we managed to fire off a few shots with the timer and me sprinting to get into position in time.  ha.

It's not perfect, but my sister-in-law found a beautiful park and everyone looks reasonably cute.  With that many kids, there is no such thing as perfection.

I was hoping to round up Jeff's family for a similar portrait but I don't think we are going to be able to get everyone together at the same time.  We had a failed attempt last Christmas with them as well.  Argh.  Indoor photos without proper equipment just doesn't end well.

So here is my family....  I love you guys!  All that sweating and hassle is forgotten, right?  RIGHT?!  And guess what you're getting for Christmas from me?  :)


Kim K. said...

What a beautiful picture of your family, Karin.

Anonymous said...

What a fantastic family shot Karin! I love it!

Acceptance with Joy said...

SO Awesome. Worth the bee stings... at least, some day they will have forgotten the bee sting. LOVELY background and gorgeous family

Sharon said...

Great Job!!! This is something most people don't even attempt. Everyone looks great! Beautiful family!!!

James, Dawn and Family said...

What a beautiful picture!!

Meredith said...

:) I'm a little bias but the picture is awesome! :)

Jean said...

Love the pic! It is so hard to get so many together and looking in the same general direction at the same time!
You did a great job!!