Thursday, August 16, 2012

Blanket Fundraiser Update

Thank you so much to those of you who have ordered blanket sets!  The girls were so excited as each order came in.  :)  Everyone who has ordered should be receiving their blankets in the next week.
Ready to go to their new homes!

We still have quite a few left so I thought I would post an update on our inventory.

The remaining stack...

I thought we were out of these but found two more that had gotten lost under a mound of fabric.
***UPDATE:  We are now sold out of "Chinese Girls."***

Lots of these and they are so pretty

We have two left

Two shots of the Pink Ladybug.  This one is so cute and we have a lot left.

We have a few left of this style.  Hooray for boys!

This is a new design.  We have enough to make about 10 of these, I think.

We have three of these available.

The girls have worked hard but we need some help getting the word out, so we have decided to do a give-away!  Everyone has three opportunities to purchase necessary.

If you post a link or mention it on Facebook, you get one entry.  Leave a comment in the comment section to let me know you did this.

If you email 5 friends, you get one entry.  Again...leave a separate comment below.

If you post to your blog, you get one entry.  Leave a separate comment.  If you do not have a blog, you can email 5 additional friends, to get an entry.

We will give away one of the Chinese Girl blankets...only this one is extra special.  It's larger and has a band of green polka-dot around the outside and comes with a green polka-dot pillow.  We will draw a name on Saturday morning at 10AM Eastern time.  Good luck!


Kim K. said...

I promise to post a whole BLOG entry on this next week for your sweet girls!

TK said...

Just posted to Facebook. Your girls have done a great job!

Kim o

Joy@WhenDoesDaddyComeHome said...

I just ordered three sets; couldn't figure out how to do it as one payment so three separate ones should come in; one for C, one for D and one for E.

If you're out of one print I'd prefer to them to be all the same or all different. So if you're out of Argyle or whatever I'd prefer all Ladybug. Hope I make sense. Please email me if I don't! THANK YOU!!!!!!
njeosys at juno dot com

Mom to 8 said...

I posted this to my FB wall and also do our Doodlebug Blessings page. Awesome job girls! Keep up the good work for HIM!

Mom to 8 said...

emailed to 10 friends AWESOME job girls these are just precious!