Thursday, July 05, 2012

More Independence Day Fun

Thankfully, the kids all slept in after our 1AM arrival home the other night.  We didn't really have plans for the actual 4th, so I had to kick it into gear and come up with something.


Yeah...that always helps.  The big girls and I headed to the grocery store and pretty soon our cart was full of colorful, yummy 4th of July food.  Corn on the cob, watermelon, chicken, stawberries, pea pods....
It is so rare that any food I have anything to do with looks this good that I had to take a picture of it.
My four big girls.  I heart them!

Then there were some bubbles...

And a box of Pop-Its for everyone!  The driveway looked like it had snowed when they were done--but they sure had fun.  All except Zoey.  She hates the sound of them and gave hers to SaraGrace.

Jillian made this for Ryan and texted it to him.  We love you, Ryan!!

Jeff rotated the tires on my van. fun for him.

What else could we do?  

Well, we just couldn't get enough fireworks so we decided to go again.  Jeff found out there were going to be some fairly close to our house, so we headed out last evening.

And for family and friends who didn't get to have Fireworks this is a second attempt at photographing them.

Grand Finale

Surprisingly, this small town firework display was much more impressive than the one in Bristol.  We thoroughly enjoyed it--which made the absurd traffic jam afterwards a little more bearable.

The kids didn't get to do their sparklers because no one else was doing any and we didn't want to bother those around us--so maybe tonight we will do those.

We are heading to the beach today because Jeff took today and tomorrow off.  We are doing a Stay-cation instead of vacation because it costs a ridiculous amount of money to take this crew anywhere.  The little kids are quite confused by all the extra activity and Zoey keeps asking, 
"Why are we having all dis fun?"  
You would think they never get to have any fun around here.


Kim K. said...

What a festive fourth! Darling pictures of your kiddos. Have fun at the beach. I would gladly go back to the Lake MI shoreline in a heartbeat. This 100 degree heat is crazy.

Angie said...

Fun times! Your firework photos turned out great. Love the yellow one...maybe the 3rd photo or so?

Sharon said...

I just saw your July 4th posts! The pictures are unbelieveable!!! I called the girls over to enjoy it with me and they loved seeing all the kids! Jillian and Molly have changed so much and Emma was glad to see Jillian wears braces since she will be doing the same, plus much more extensive work starting the end of this month. We all agreed that the palm tree firework was the best!!! What a great place to enjoy your stay at home vacations!!!

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