Friday, June 27, 2008

Sweet Jia

I am posting in the hopes that some of you will be willing to offer up some prayers on behalf of one of the children in my LWB foster care program. Jia is urgently in need of heart surgery and will die if she doesn't get it. There is a hospital in the US that has agreed to do the surgery free of charge. (You have no idea what a HUGE hurdle that is!!) Unfortunately, there are some issues from both the US and China that are preventing her from getting the visa that she needs to come here. It seems to be at an impasse and that is why she needs your prayers. We need God to move some mountains for this little girl. She is so precious...and is the life of the party at the foster home where she lives.

Thank you for taking some time to advocate for this little girl. I will let you know if God opens the doors for her to have surgery.

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