Sunday, December 09, 2007

We have had two birthday's since I last wrote...Little Miss Chloe turned five and a few days later, Jeff turned 48. Since our kids--led by Molly--love the Red Robin jingle (ie: Red Robin....YUM!), we decided to try it out for Chloe's birthday. Grandma and Grandpa joined us and I think everyone had fun. :)

I am trying to adjust to the cold weather and having the kid's inside all day. They have so much energy and sometimes they just need to run. It makes for a very LOUD household on the days that they cannot go outside to blow off steam. Today is one of those days--it's freezing rain outside. Earlier today,they tried riding a crib mattress down the stairs--hmmmmm. I guess sliding down in their sleeping bags lost it's luster from the other day. Thankfully, no one got hurt before I put a stop to it! (I remember as a kid telling myself that someday, when I had kids, I WOULD let them slide down the stairs in sleeping bags...haha)

We are in full swing preparing for Christmas. The kids are soooo excited! SaraGrace wanted to know what the fuss was all about--was it someone's birthday? We said, 'Yes, it's Jesus' birthday!" She looked at me seriously and said, "For real or for fake?"

For real.

Jesus really DID come as a tiny baby--not with trumpets announcing a King. He came quietly and not many knew. But now we know...and we celebrate with grateful hearts.

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