Thursday, March 15, 2007

Amazing News!

We just received the amazing news today that Jacob's case has exited PGN court and Jacob Anthony is officially OUR SON!!! :) Wow...we were not expecting that for a few more weeks! Our little guy is coming home soon!!

We still need to wait for the US Consulate in Guatemala to issue us a travel document and visa appointment, and our agency said that since the Consulate is closed most of March, we will probably not receive this for 6 weeks. Normally, it would be much quicker--but it really doesn't matter since we are having our own Immigration delays here in Michigan.

After much prayer, we decided not to contact our senator's office about the fingerprint situation. Despite the fact that it is absurd to be forced to re-do them, the time that it would take to sort it out would probably be longer than the time it would take to just wait the for the normal processing. We are scheduled to be fingerprinted March 27th and will be making the drive to Detroit that day. We are hopeful that we might get approval a few weeks after that--praying for that anyway.

Probably our biggest concern at this point is babysitting when we go to Guatemala as the timing looks like it may fall during the time my parents are in Africa on a mission trip. I'm sure God has a plan! :)

Now that Jake's homecoming is getting closer, I am suddenly realizing that we haven't had a young baby in the house for awhile is the high chair? Where is the changing table? Where are the baby gates? haha The girls are very excited--and Molly watches the video of baby Jake every chance she gets. I'm thinking that Jordan will be a whole lot less excited about the little intruder for awhile. He is still 'establishing his territory' and not too happy about sharing. He will learn, though. Eventually, Jordan will be glad to have a brother amid all the estrogen-laden siblings in the house. :) Speaking of Jordan, some of you have asked for a recent picture, so I am adding one to this post.

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