Sunday, May 04, 2014

The Accident

A week ago today we received a call no parent wants to get.  My cell phone rang and a quavery voice on the other end said,
"Mom, I just got in an accident.  My car it totaled."

Thankfully, he was not injured severely, nor was anyone in the other car. 

Over the past week, as we pieced together what happened from what Taylor remembered and what the police report said, it was apparent that God had been incredibly merciful.  He had been going too fast and went slightly wide around a turn.  A large box truck was in the other lane and got over as far as it could to avoid a collision.

It happened a mile or so from our house and we heard the sirens.  When he called, he wouldn't tell us where he was because he thought I would freak out and said someone who witnessed it was driving him home.  I had a gut feeling that those sirens were for him.  It haunted me over the next few days as I realized they HAD been. 

We continue to be incredibly thankful for God's protection and some valuable lessons learned.

- If Taylor's car had crossed the center line and had been fully in the other lane, the head on collision could have been catastrophic
- If Taylor had hit a smaller vehicle, there could have been severe injuries for the occupants.
- If Taylor's car had hit the truck six inches closer to the drivers side door, his injuries would have been much more severe.  (The damage was mostly directly behind him)

- The occupants of the box truck had no serious injuries.
- He walked away with no broken bones.  He does have a concussion and neck strain, chest contusion, etc.  But we are well aware that we could have spent the week planning a funeral.
- A friend had just told him to stop driving with his seat reclined so far back.  THAT MORNING, he set his seat more upright.  He says he doesn't know why.  We do--because of God!  If his seat had been reclined, he could have slipped from the seat belt and/or had a serious neck injury from the seat belt hitting him across the throat.

He is having some memory gaps from the concussion, but other than that, he is healing well.  Mom and Dad are having some post-traumatic stress but mostly we are profoundly grateful that God chose to spare his life and the lives of everyone involved.

Taylor's car at the impound lot. 


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Musings from Kim K. said...

Emma gets her license in a few weeks. I think I need to show her this post. This Momma is NERVOUS. Extra hugs to you and your son, Karin!

Angie said...

So thankful that he is safe. Praying for you all as you recover from this!

Sharon said...

My heart sunk when I first heard this had happened. I know the feeling when getting a call like this. So thankful Taylor will be okay.

Kjbikakis said...

How scary! We were in a similar position almost a year ago. My brother and his friend were driving from one graduation party to another to meet me at our friend's house and a car ran a yellow light and tboned them through an intersection and down into a about a 100ft rivene. It was the scariest thing in my life walking up onto the scene after we got the call. Angels were definitely watching over them because if they would have been hit a foot farther back they both could have died. Hope Taylor is feeling a bit better, and so glad he's okay!
(i also blogged about our accident if you want to check it out)
God bless!

Jean said...

That is so scary... So thankful everyone was okay! Praise GOD!

Ron Campbell said...

Oh dear! That’s scary. It's really fortunate that Taylor was safe after the accident. By the looks on the damage on his car, it was a serious accident. He should be a bit more careful with driving next time.

Ron Campbell @ Penn Exxon

Sean and Lisa said...

Praise the Lord he is ok! Seriously my heart was in my throat when I read your title. Our son was in a head on collision several years ago. The other guy hit ice and then slammed into our sons Jeep. My son had injuries and his Jeep was totaled BUT so very, very thankful he was alive!! Will pray for Taylor's complete healing and thanking God for his safety.

Kristin Ferguson said...

Oh Karen, I'm so glad Taylor is ok. Please tell him his old buddy from the park in NC (the stalker) is thankful!

Richard Johnson said...

It’s good to know that Taylor wasn't gravely hurt and only suffered a slight physical injury. Reading all the possibilities, I can say that some of them are really quite dreadful! I hope he would recover soon. Stay safe!

Richard Johnson

Anita Johnson said...

I haven't been as active visiting blogs this summer. So glad your son was OK...what a frightful story.

Kristen Foster said...

That’s true! Receiving a call from someone you love and hearing that they had been involved in an accident is terrible. I can’t imagine what you felt then. Thankfully, he wasn’t injured badly, and so are the other people involved. How is he, btw? I hope he’s doing better now.

Kristen Foster @ Rivas Law Group

Norma Barber said...

Since I was in an accident not very long ago and was miraculously saved from what should have been a sure death, I feel the relief. The wrecked car tells your miracle and gratitude.