Thursday, February 06, 2014

Snow day!

We finally got a decent winter storm the other day.  So fun!  It snowed all day long (as opposed to snow during the night that you don't get to watch).

Schools in the area were closed so I declared a home school snow day.  Whee!!

Jeff was out of town so we girls decided to get our pioneer spirit on and shovel the driveway.  We could have tried to figure out how to fire up the snow blower but, 
1.  I detest smelling like gas, which is unavoidable when you use one, and
2.  The teen was still sleeping in the basement and I wasn't about to do his job.  I knew we wouldn't get the entire driveway completed and he would have to finish the task.

Kate wanted a turn with one of our three available shovels.

Zoey was a trooper.  Unfortunately, she and Jake fight over the shovels until I am nearly driven mad.

La, La, La....Fun to be out in the snow storm getting some exercise.  No, really.  It was fun!

There was also time for sledding.

Jillian spent hours building a house.

The others spent hours building snowmen.

An army of busy workers.

Molly...."Stand by your (snow)man."  Lame joke, I know. 

SaraGrace flashes a smile in the midst of her frustration at not getting her snowman to cooperate.

"Oh yeah...Mom, I've got this all under control!"

Jake wandered around helping various siblings, but I'm not sure he ever completed anything.  He decided to be king of the hill instead.

The kids made this huge snowball until they couldn't move it another inch.  Alas, they had to abandon it in the middle of the sidewalk.

SaraGrace's snowman (snow woman?) has a shopping bag and a fistful of money (green leaves).  Where does she come up with this stuff?  

Wiped out after all day in the snow.  Cuddled up by the fire watching an educational movie (since they didn't have school, ya know).


Lori at JOY Unspeakable said...

A snowstorm really is such fun! Especially when you can watch it all unfold during the daylight. I love that!

GREAT pics!!

Musings from Kim K. said...

How cute are they! What fun pictures. Chris was sharing with me that our local West MI news said we've only had 11 days without snow since December 1st. In January, it snowed everyday but three days. I think my snow shoveling adventures are officially done since my "fun" surgery on Friday. Oh darn.

Janet said...

Missing you.
I'm sure you know, but Sara Grace's pic is on this page of the GKTW site.