Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Jordan's Third Surgery

Jordan had his third--and what we hoped was his last--ear construction surgery a week and a half ago.  The surgeon had to retrieve cartilage from Jordan's rib area as well as take skin from there to use as a skin graft on the back of his ear.
He had a hard time after the four hour surgery with nausea and struggling to wake up.  I wish they would have just let him sleep it off!  He probably should have been admitted overnight.  The anesthesiologist thought he would need to be.  But nope....we were heading home a few hours after he was parked in the recovery room.  I felt so bad for him because I knew that if we had just let him lie still and sleep, he most likely would not have thrown up.  UGGGGHHHHHH.

Waiting to be taken back to surgery....
And after...  So tired.

Afterwards, the doctor said he needed one more surgery to finish Jordan's earlobe and also to kill some of the hair follicles that cause hair to grow out of the top of the ear.  

Jordan has had to wear the 'helmet' since surgery but we are hoping that this Friday will be the last day of it.  

We were able to get a peek at his new ear when the bandages were changed last week but his ear was so swollen that it looked nothing like it will look when its healed. 
Which is good because it was a bit unsettling.
The doctor assured us that he was pleased with how it looked for one week post-op.
"Ahhhhh....my head can breathe!"
But not for long.  The helmet had to go back on.
I think he is an incredibly patient child.
Almost done!
Now for the fun part.  Not.
Hahaha...we thought this was so funny!  Thankfully, they taped his 'stem' down.

I am so proud of him!  He doesn't complain, he just deals with it and goes about his day. 


Musings from Kim K. said...

What a trooper. Continued blessings to your sweet son.

Kimberlie said...

Oh poor Jordan and poor Mama! When Noah had surgery in March, he had pretty much the same reaction. We were the last to leave recovery for the day and he still wasn't feeling well, consuming liquids well, or even eating. We should have stayed overnight. They got behind on his pain in recovery and we didn't get on top of it. He wasn't eating. Long story short, he ended up in the ER 4 hours after we left the hospital. We had that overnight anyway. Next time we know, and we will just insist he get to stay overnight.

Hopefully this will be the last surgery for your sweet Jordan. Every time I see his face, I just think he must be the sweetest, gentlest brother.

RETA said...

What a dear young man!

RETA@ http://evenhaazer.blogspot.com

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Chris said...

I have a friend whose daughter has microtia (sp?) and he was asking for info from someone who has has the surgery....from the sound of it, they would like to do the same thing as Jordan's surgery...I'll send him to your blog :)

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