Wednesday, February 15, 2012


I am so behind in blogging. Argh.

I thought this would be a slow time of year for photography but it hasn't turned out that way thanks to some sweet babies I had the privilege of capturing on film. And because of that, I am putting totally unedited pictures up in today's post. Sorry for the lack of eye-candy.

It was my birthday last week. The kids were SO excited. It makes a mother's heart go pitter-patter when her kids remember her day.

Jeff went above and beyond with a little surprise dinner out with friends. was so nice! He had picked up pizza for the kids and I was about to help myself to a slice when he informed me that we were going out to dinner. So fun! What a wonderful man I am married to!

He also made cherry cheese pie--which is my ultimate favorite--and its tradition to have it for my birthday instead of cake.

One of the kids decorated it. haha

Jillian wanted to make me a cake so she made it for Valentine's Day--although never got around to eating it until this morning.

Yes, you read that right.

"Dad is great! He gives us chocolate cake!"

Hopefully none of their teachers are reading this.....

{Just the big kids got cake for breakfast--not the little ones.}

On Valentine's day, we have a tradition to eat in the dining room.
There is no deviating from this no matter how hard I try.
And the treat bags afterwards don't hurt either.

SaraGrace asked if she could dress up for the big occasion. I said yes, and a bit later she came downstairs like this:
And then she danced with her daddy...

Jillian's creation...

I am one blessed woman.


sara said...'re supposed to edit pictures before you post them?!

you are one lucky mom!!!

Cari said...

Happy Birthday and it's so good to see you back blogging again...missed ya!

Theanne said...

oh you are you are blessed! Such a wonderful time a birthday and Valentine's! The pie looks fantastic!

Kim K. said...

Belated birthday blessings!

Lori said...

Aww, so darn sweet!

Happy Birthday to you, friend!

So glad to see all the happy faces in your house again!

Kimberlie said...

You are a blessed Mama! Happy Belated Birthday and Valentine's Day!!! Sounds like your family (especially your hubby) treated you very well.

Cindy said...

Birthday Blessings Karin!

J & M said...

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Naluritadinda said...

Karin, i'm a 16-year-old girl with a dream just to become like you. it must be fun to raise such a lot of wonderful kids in your house. Oh! i really really want to come someday to visit you and your fantastic family! someday i will! :D