Sunday, December 11, 2011

Nothing says Christmas like...

...a kids Christmas program.

This morning was the kids Christmas program at church. Seven of our kids were in the program. That means, in the picture below, you would have seven chances instead of one, to play, "Where's Waldo."

Molly had a small speaking part as a shepherd.

Five of our kids were angels. Even Jake. Three of them were in the front row which gave us three possibilities for public disgrace.
Here Jake can be seen adjusting his halo. Why they even let him wear one, I'll never know.

So far so good on the synchronized hand-motions.

One musical number included sunglasses as props.

Miss Chloe took her job as angel very seriously and did a wonderful job.

SaraGrace and Jordan also worked hard.

Jake...still going strong on the motions. {He was bribed.}
Notice the halo is gone.
He says it broke.

Look closely and notice where Jake put the sunglasses when not in use.
They fit snugly around his middle.

This move by Jake sent Taylor, Jeff and I into fits of laughter.
I know that we were rude.
But seriously...would you be able to keep a straight face?
The sunglasses on his stomach kinda took it over the top.
Notice all the boys on Jake's right. Especially the one with his hands in his pockets.
Could he be any less thrilled to be there?

The synchronized hand motions have run seriously amok. Notice the little boys on the right. Not one of them is doing the same thing.

When Jake had to continually adjust the sunglasses around his waist, he came up with a new plan. Glancing suavely at the little girl next to him {I kid you not} he made a big production of tucking them into his shirt the way Daddy does. When he finished, he pointed to it so the others would take note.
Kid on right still has his hands in his pockets.
But after all that, he put them back on. And hitched up his pants.
No one else was wearing their glasses except the little girl next to him who followed his lead.

Zoey, to the left, is showing some attitude at this point.

The glasses fell off, he bent down to pick them up and quickly put them back on.

Zoey...chewing her nails (why?), Katie kicks up her heels, and Jake turns the wrong way.

They all look pretty confused in this shot.

Zoey was the only kid in the whole program who bowed.

We did manage to finish the production without anyone picking their noses or pulling their dresses over their heads.

Yay! Success!


Anonymous said...

Your family is so GREAT! Love the photos! Jake is the love of my life...and I'll say this for him at lest he's doing something, even if it's funny as all get out! The girls are real troopers hanging in there the bow at the end...BRAVO Family and well done!

Your door(s) are next up on my paint list (I chose 3, will let you know how it's going)...I've still meed to find a frame for my "doors" print...definitely not one in the Walmart where I shop! If you know of a good online frame shop kindly let me know...Thank you so much Karin!

And a Merry Christmas to you and your family and Jake!

Angie said...

Sweet and hilarious all at the same time! Oh, how I wish Jake and Charlie could hang out. They would keep us in stitches...or we'd end up in straight or the other. Our turn for Christmas programs next Sunday. I have only one in the front row, but he has the capability of capturing attention!

Kim K. said...

Priceless! I love the commentary that goes with all the pics, Karin. Jake and Josie would be a stitch together. You totally made my morning.

Tesseraemum said...

Oh my word! 1st of all, you are right! They are growing up when no dresses go over the head and the nose remains unpicked!! But really, say what you will ALL of your kids stuck with it! Much more entertaining than a kid staring into space!! I think you need to get an agent for at least 2 or 3!! Sheri

Sharon said...


Kristin Ferguson said...

Hilarious! I needed this laugh. Your kids are so cute! We need to do another park date soon. Where's a halfway point? hahahaha

Jennipher said...

We miss those faces so very much. Sending so many hugs from far away. We love you and Merry Christmas!

Tracy said...

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Amy said...

Just discovered your blog and read about your experience at Shriners with Zoey. It was incredibly helpful since my five year old son has severe fibular hemimelia and will be getting a double amputation at the Springfield Shriners in February or March. We adopted him and his older foster brother from China last May. Your blog posts are helping me feel so much more prepared for the whole thing. You have a beautiful family!

Lori said...

Not sure how I missed this post...but good heavens, your kids stole the show, for goodness sakes! And why am I so bored with white kids these days? Is that prejudice? The real personalities seem to be in the internationally adopted ones, I'm thinkin.

Anyhoo...HILARIOUS post!!!

Anonymous said...

ah that is so funny!