Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Trotting to Boston

Earlier this year, as I began to contemplate the possibility that this might be our last summer with Ryan, a desire began to burn in my heart. I wanted to take a family vacation. It didn't look possible, as we are saving for Zoey's adoption, but I began to pray that God would somehow make a way. We have taken short vacations to my parents' cabin over the years, but I really had a dream of taking the kids somewhere historic. When I was a child, my parents had taken us to Washington DC, Williamsburg PA, and places like that. Those trips have stayed with me my entire life. Even more than the history lesson, though, I wanted all of us to spend time together, away from our daily responsibilities, playing, exploring, and having fun.

When the job possibility in Boston came up, Jeff had to start traveling there, so I asked him if it would be possible for some of us to accompany him there this summer. We thought a few of us could go, since gas would be paid and a hotel room paid.

Then he accepted the job.

We were told, as part of the moving package, we would be allowed to take the entire family to Boston for one trip! Last week, they confirmed that they would pay for everything except our entertainment.

What seemed like an impossible prayer request six months ago, has turned into an all-expense paid trip for our entire family! I am in awe of how God has answered this prayer--and am praying that we will have a great time together. We are leaving this Friday and will be in Boston/Plymouth for almost a week. I hope we survive the 14 hour drive! haha Molly and I are praying that none of us will be grumpy, get sick, or be unkind--but that our whole family would be able to enjoy a great week together. Jeff does have to work a lot of the time we are there, but is hoping to have some afternoons off to join us in our adventures. Shelby is also coming and is very excited for the opportunity.

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