Friday, January 08, 2021

Sorrowful news

Last month the unthinkable happened.

We lost our precious son, Taylor.  He had battled drug and alcohol addiction for several years and we thought he was finally doing better.  He was staying with us to try to get his life together.  We found him unresponsive one morning when Jeff tried to wake him for work.  The EMT's did everything they could to bring him back but our boy was gone.

Our hearts are shattered.  Taylor loved us so much and fought to overcome his addiction.  He seemed to win at times only to fall again.

The narcotics officer found more of what Taylor had taken and said it was fentanyl made to look like Oxycontin.  It has been coming up from Mexico, likely made in China, and he said that "it's rampant right now."  Our small city is losing at least one person a week to fentanyl overdoses.  Please beware....

We love you sweet boy.  I know you are no longer suffering and are safe in the arms of Jesus, whom you loved.

Taken in May of 2020 when my mom came to visit.  He was bored during lockdown and colored his hair.  ha.
Last Christmas, Taylor spent all day in the kitchen cooking us prime rib.
Picture taken a few weeks before he died.